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About the book

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi commonly referred to as Mahatma (The Great Soul) Gandhi was born in 1869 in an aristocratic family, his father being the Chief Minister of Porbandar. Getting his education from Porbandar then Ranikot, Bombay and finally in London where he truly developed his skills as a public speaker and overcame his shy personality. In this book we will learn about this extraordinary otherworldly personality who was referred to as the teacher of great minds like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and Dalai Lama as their teacher. We will discuss his life in great detail and explain how he got such a high stature amongst the Indians and influencers worldwide long after his demise and throughout his modest life.


About the Author

Gambhir Watts is an aspiring author, activist and a multitasking professional having more than 35 years of experience under his belt mainly working for non-profit organizations in a variety of positions such as Strategic Planning for Business and Joint-Venture negotiations in the US to name a few. He also has several honors awarded for distinguished service for the betterment of his society in terms of religion, ethics and societal values. He has always been a fan of history’s greatest teachers and never is never shy to learn a lesson or two from them, one of those being Mahatma Gandhi.

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